March 2016

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  • Italians do It Better. The milk

    Help yourself and God will help you. Because "when we see trucks Czechs, Poles, Bulgarians, as well as those targati France and Germany, download milk dairies in Piedmont and turn it into Italian cheese we have to do something before succumbing." In Bari, the Coldiretti farmers go with small boats to the boarding of ships discharging imported grain. From the stables […]

  • Used: Séko SAM 5 600/205 SELF

    It is a self-propelled Seko who have done the bottom stainless. Overhauled the machine in all its components, especially the arm with catenary and new trees. Overhauled the cutter, completely repainted, gummed. Prolonged side discharge. Brand: Séko Model: SAM 5 600/205 SELF Status: Used – excellent condition Year […]

  • Used: Rotomix RTX 4000 SERIES III

    It is a wagon 4000 Series III 16 m3, completely overhauled, particularly on the powerful hydraulic cutter. Engine reconditioned with guarantee. plastic fenders. Foot feed commands, such as the latest models. Joystick on the right arm raised, barrel redone and new mixing auger. New retreaded tires, bumper latest model. a […]