July 2016

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  • ROTOMIX 7500


    Presented the new parent ROTOMIX 7500 40 mc that can feed more than 220 cows in the milking always safeguarding the bulkiness of the product, avoiding compaction. The machine can be equipped with the new Stage IV engines with AdBlue up to 290 hp. Remain unchanged the well-known features that differentiate the Rotomix mixture. The […]

  • The new deadlines communicated dall'ines


    The INPS has submitted data on the amounts of compulsory social security contributions payable for the year 2016 by farmers, farmers, sharecroppers and by professional farmers. The deadlines for payment, at any bank or post office, I am July 18, 2016, September 16, 2016, November 16, 2016 and 16 […]

  • A "laboratory" for animal welfare


    Animal welfare is the focus of attention of the European legislator who has long since adopted rules aimed at improving the conditions of allevamentodi many livestock species such as cattle, poultry, pigs. On animal welfare they were carried out market surveys aimed at verifying the consumer's attention to this issue, which has highlighted the […]

  • Compulsory labeling for milk and dairy


    The draft decree introducing the mandatory indication of origin for dairy products in Italy was sent for the first test in Brussels. It takes then start the authorization process envisaged at European level mandatory labeling for milk and cheese. Mipaaf was announced in a statement that reaffirms how this system will indicate […]

  • Crolla the number of active stables in Italy


    Negli ultimi 10 anni si è praticamente dimezzato il numero di stalle presenti in Italia: nel 2015 si è infatti raggiunto il minimo storico di 33mila allevamenti, rispetto ai 60mila attivi del 2005. Il dato arriva dallo studio Coldiretti “Il latte italiano, un primato da difendere”, presentato nei giorni scorsi a Milano. A fronte di […]