August 2016

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  • Who invented agriculture?

    Agriculture may have been invented many times by people who lived in the Fertile Crescent, the area that extends from Iran to southern Israel. This has been concluded some researchers who have studied ancient skeletons found in the Zagros region of Iran. In two sites of this mountain area human remains were found that date back […]

  • Ortja: the platform crowfunding

    Ortja is the crowfunding platform to promote and fund social agriculture projects and innovative ideas related to the primary sector, traditional events, environmental education and promotion of local products. Just create a fundraising campaign to raise awareness and engage the web, defining goal and durability, after telling the project with photos, video […]

  • Rural Development 2014-2020

    The EU's rural development policy is financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development with a budget of one hundred billion euro for the period 2014-2020, and during these seven years each EU country receives financial aid. This will mobilize additional € 61 billion of public funding from Member States. During this […]

  • Plastic that comes from milk

    An alternative plastic created from cow's milk. He made Tessa Silva-Dawson, a design student at the Royal College of Art in London. A product that does not use non-renewable resources that has the same performance “bad” Plastic, as we are used to and we produce from fossil fuels. For his project […]

  • Like milk “Made in Piemonte”

    Milk and cheese like best if they are certified Piedmont. It was started as a bet yet, the sale of milk and cheese 100 100 Piedmont has grown by 60 percent since three months ago, thanks to an agreement with the Region, the giant supermarkets Carrefour decided to install inside […]