April 2017

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  • Italian leader in social farming


    Produce in solidarity wine and stay on the market is possible. This is the premise around which the appointment "Products of the land, stories of people. Wines from the narrative: each wine tells a story to tell that quality, professionalism, passion, territory, traditions, cohesion, community ", promoted at Vinitaly CIA-Italian Farmers in cooperation with the Forum […]

  • Milk: mandatory origin label since April 19.


    The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies announced that starting April 19, 2017 is required on the label the indication of origin of the raw materials of dairy products in Italy such as UHT milk, butter, yogurt, mozzarella, cheese and curd. The requirement applies to cow's milk, sheep and goat, buffalo and […]

  • 630 hectares to young people by the year


    The State Property Agency will put on the market later this year 630 hectares of agricultural land within Terrevive, promoted the initiative together with the Economy and Agriculture Ministries to encourage young entrepreneurs of the primary sector. In detail, 350 hectares will be offered for sale while another 280 will be hired. The land, located throughout the national territory, are the property of the State and […]

  • Agricultural Fair: cultivate recovery


    Now in its twelfth edition, Agricultural Fair aims to promote the sector with a special orientation towards the development of the area, the quality of life and food and wine and food products. Agricultural Fair is for all operators in the sector a major event, not only for the breadth of the exhibition, but also for the high quality […]