May 2017

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  • Milk pour money to pigs

    From the bottom of milk, initially planned to give support to the producers of this area, there's now support for pig farmers. The decision comes with the 5185 decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, who brought the pig businesses among subjects who may benefit from these sostegni.I funds are used to cover the interest paid […]

  • Milk made in Italy, how to read labels

    For several weeks, on all dairy products should be mandatory on the label the origin. To establish the decree recently approved and intended to protect Italian products that has long suffered from competition from Eastern Europe: milk transported and worked in Italy whose derivatives are labeled […]

  • Italian milk, milk guaranteed

    "A victory for Italy in respect of the European Community". With these words, the biologist and expert in food safety Sabina Rubini said the entry into force of the rule requiring to indicate on the labels of dairy products the origin of the raw material. The law, which became law on 19 April, is news that can only […]