October 2017

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  • The farmer, a figure like


    It was held Wednesday, October 18 in Milan, at Palazzo Giureconsulti, a conference entitled "Future of the field: why should invest in agriculture to young people, to companies, to the country", organized by Panorama of Italy, with the presence of speakers important, namely Andrea Olivero, deputy minister of agriculture, Luigi Scordamaglia, Federalimentare President, Vice-Presidents of Coldiretti and Confagricoltura Matthew […]

  • Skip negotiations for the new protocol on the price of milk in Parma


    He cut short the negotiations on the definition of the new Memorandum of Understanding for the pricing of milk for industrial use in the province of Parma between representatives of agricultural organizations, on the one hand, and industrial and artisan manufacturers, on the other. Parma Confagricoltura and Cia-Italian Farmers Confederation of Parma with a joint letter called on the […]

  • Are you ready to sparkling milk?


    No, nemmeno noi siamo sicuri di esserlo, ma un team di ricercatori sostiene di aver sviluppato una tipologia di latte latte che permetterà loro di creare un latte frizzante a base di frutta. La scoperta è stata fatta dal biochimico tedesco Sven Thormahlen e dall’ex creativo Heinz Matt Walker, i quali sostengono che il drink […]