December 2017

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  • The situation of the milk market in November 2017

    The collection of EU cow's milk increased by 3.7% in September 2017 compared to the same month last year, leading to an increase of 439 000 tonnes of milk in DE, FR and IE. The total milk deliveries in the first nine months of 2017 increased by 0.4% over the same period […]

  • Bravo says "The blue rose”

    BRAVO srl for the year 2017 decided to give practical support to those who devote their time to helping those less fortunate, supporting the ANFFAS Onlus di Savigliano, "National Association of families of people with intellectual disabilities and / or relational” founded in 1994 and in 2005 inaugurated the "The Blue Rose Center." It is […]

  • Towards the agricultural exhibition in Verona, scheduled from January 31 to February 3, 2018

    Another area of ​​our country that is particularly suited for cattle breeding by meat, Piedmont, the region in which always will reach peaks of excellence also thanks to the presence of Piemontese native breed, the most numerous from the numerical point of view consistency between the meaty breeds strong productive capacity, will host a second meeting on the issue […]

  • The milk? A panacea, password expert

    Lo chiamano anche “oro bianco” per le sue proprietà nutritive. È un comfort food sano, nutriente e incredibilmente prezioso per le nostre ossa. Stiamo parlando del latte vaccino, la cui reputazione è stata messa in discussione negli ultimi anni, ridimensionandone l’importanza nella nostra dieta, se non addirittura suggerendone una presunta dannosità per la salute. Possiamo […]

  • Agriculture: GDP falls by 6.7% due to the crazy weather

    At the downward revision of GDP contributes agriculture which is the only sector to record a decrease in the added value that is scoring in the fields a sharp fall of 6.7% compared to last year because of the crazy weather that took effect devastating the countryside with a historic drought 'which have afflicted […]

  • Milk, the EU production rises again

    The good news is that the European milk production to grow back, the less good is that the trend could trigger a slow decline in milk prices stable. To detect it is the investigation of, reference portal for the industry: We can not yet speak of - say the analysts Clal alarm -, […]