January 2018

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  • Green light of the CDM to the reorganization of the Livestock


    The Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies announced that the Council of Ministers at its meeting today approved the draft legislative decree with which you point to the reorganization of services to the livestock sector and in particular the discipline of animal reproduction, aimed at achieving of the objectives of agricultural policy […]

  • All used Mutti Rollercar MEGA MC21


    It is a vertical self-propelled cart, correctly state of use, at a fair price. Monococlea good capacity with redone walls, engine and hydraulic absolutely valid. Model: MEGA Rollercar MC21 Status: Used – good condition Year: 2003 Hours: 10 500 h Capacity: 21 m3 Serial number: […]

  • How can the milk powder contain salmonella?


    PAUL Magliocco The 35 cases of salmonellosis caused by milk powder for children produced by the French company Lactalis have forced to admit the contamination and also the non-collection of the packaging after the first reports, occurred in December. But how can a milk powder, processed and packaged, contain salmonella, a bacterium that is […]

  • Used: Storti LABRADOR


    It is a small Storti, in excellent condition for use, in order with the Securities and equipped with decoupler. The special plate bottom is still in very good thickness, as well as the mixer. New knives, not repainted because it is still aesthetically correct. Electric command panel. Model: LABRADOR State: Used – excellent condition Year […]

  • Power supply 4.0 to Fieragricola Verona January 31 -1-2-3 February 2018


    From the http://www.grandazootecnici.it site Piu 'efficiency in the stables if the technology is SMART Rotomix -Granda Bravo Team - General Dynamics along with a technology partnership WATCH THE VIDEO What are the techniques to be used in feeding to increase productivity of livestock, through the improvement of the welfare maximizing profit […]

  • VERONAFIERE Informer and livestock together


    Fieragricola much give, in Verona from 31 January to 3 February 2018, the operators of the livestock industry who will visit. Not only presenting the proposals and innovations of hundreds of exhibitors. But thanks to a major conference program on animal husbandry prepared by Edagricole, in particular by the editors informant Livestock, and an equally dense […]