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  • Ready interventions for mountainous and common areas affected by the earthquake

    Il ministero delle Politiche agricole, alimentari e forestali ha approvato il decreto n.1317 del 1° marzo 2018 concernenteInterventi a favore della zootecnia estensiva praticata nelle zone montane e, limitatamente ai comuni colpiti dal sisma del 2016 e del 2017, nelle zone svantaggiate a valere sul Fondo di cui all’articolo 23-bis, comma 1, del decreto-legge 24 […]

  • With three months to go CETA rewards Italy

    I'm positive and reward Italy the data collected and disseminated by the CIA to three months from the application of commercial agreements between Italy and Canada. In the past year, including agricultural products, foods and beverages they have been sold in Canada more than 811 million euro. In the last three years the Made in Italy agro-food on Canadian tables grew 23%. […]

  • Views closely: the Chianina

    The Chianina (which takes its name from the Chiana valley) is among the oldest in the world, since man livestock, between Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio for at least 2200 years, it is true that the progenitors of this breed already paraded in triumphal processions of the Etruscans and Romans, as evidenced by ancient images of paintings and artefacts […]

  • Stop at the Far West on the price and the milk contracts

      Stop at the far west on milk contracts. And 'what Coldiretti asks in the face of unilateral communications of a downturn of the price to the barn, or reduction of the required quantities compared with the agreements reached, that industries are sending to farmers and that threaten the survival and the […]

  • Agricultural Fair 2018

    Agricultural Fair, to be held 21 to 25 April 2018, it is among the most quoted manifestations of the South Center exhibition landscape, with an increasingly strong visibility on the national scene. Now in its thirteenth edition, Agricultural Fair aims to promote the sector with a special orientation towards the development of the area, […]

  • Agriumbria 2018

    6 and April 8, 2018 from 9:00 to 19:00 Agriumbria 2018 is an event full of a large conference events calendar, workshops, demonstrations, tastings, exhibitions and permanent so many side events.

  • EU Alert on milk powder produced in Germany

    Numerous shops and chain stores throughout Germany withdrew some batches of milk powder for infants Nephea HD Infant, produced by Metax, which would be contaminated by the bacterium Cronobacter sakazakii. The collected milk is part of two specific batches, with numbers Nephea Infant - N / INF-8016 with the end of expiry 16.01.2019, N / INF-8038 with […]

  • How they are paying bovine milk European industries?

    The big European industrial groups have paid, in January 2018, a target price of 35.44 € / quintal and then a similar amount (EUR 35.65 / quintal) as verified by the Milk Market Observatory of the European Commission. This price is less than € 1.52 / quintal compared to the previous month but higher than 2.38 euro / quintal compared to January 2017. The price of milk […]

  • Press conference to present the 50th edition of Agriumbria

    It will be held Friday, March 23, at 10.30, at the Aula Magna of the Department of Agricultural Food and Environmental Sciences in Perugia (Borgo XX Giugno, 74), the press conference to present the fiftieth edition of Agriumbria, the National Agricultural Fair, of 'nutrition and animal husbandry, to be held at the Umbriafiere Bastia Umbra from 6 to 8 April 2018. the conference will explain the […]