• Ok EU Parliament to ban pesticides in eco-business areas

    The European Parliament's plenary today gave the green light to the prohibition on using pesticides in areas of agricultural holdings' ecological interest’ on which farmers are allowed to produce. The European Parliament is, however, is split: the opinion of the Agriculture Committee, which had rejected the ban, got 363 votes against a majority […]

  • The future rewards those who have innovative ideas

    Young farmers, they are one of the positive and dynamic forces of our country thanks to agriculture, a sector that, fortunately, does not know the crisis. There are lots of guys who decided to engage in the countryside. Not only tradition, many young farmers, in fact, have the good fortune to inherit the farm work by their ancestors, but today agriculture is […]

  • Price of butter to the stars and confectionery businesses remain dry

    Boom of butter prices in Europe, the absence of stock and confectionery businesses in search of supplies. In the past 12 months, butter prices in Europe have more than doubled, from € 2,400 per tonne in May 5250, despite stable consumption. And the price fever has not ended. But the boom […]

  • Milk pour money to pigs

    From the bottom of milk, initially planned to give support to the producers of this area, there's now support for pig farmers. The decision comes with the 5185 decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, who brought the pig businesses among subjects who may benefit from these sostegni.I funds are used to cover the interest paid […]

  • Mozzarella di Bufala, news from the search!

    What is the typical food of the bell gastronomy? Of course mozzarella di Bufala, tasty, really loved by everyone and exported around the world. Now science tells us it is also a food that is good, nay, more, it is a real blessing. That's right, after the conclusions of some university researchers […]

  • Milk made in Italy, how to read labels

    For several weeks, on all dairy products should be mandatory on the label the origin. To establish the decree recently approved and intended to protect Italian products that has long suffered from competition from Eastern Europe: milk transported and worked in Italy whose derivatives are labeled […]

  • Latte Arborea challenge Parmigiano and Grana with Great Campidano

    The dietary drink, prepared for ice cream, even cosmetics and now even a cheese to compete with Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano. It's called Great Campidano and aims to become the alternative of Sardinia right at the large Italian cheeses vaccines Designation of Origin. Made only with milk isolate, it is the new product […]

  • Italian milk, milk guaranteed

    "A victory for Italy in respect of the European Community". With these words, the biologist and expert in food safety Sabina Rubini said the entry into force of the rule requiring to indicate on the labels of dairy products the origin of the raw material. The law, which became law on 19 April, is news that can only […]

  • Italian leader in social farming

    Produce in solidarity wine and stay on the market is possible. This is the premise around which the appointment "Products of the land, stories of people. Wines from the narrative: each wine tells a story to tell that quality, professionalism, passion, territory, traditions, cohesion, community ", promoted at Vinitaly CIA-Italian Farmers in cooperation with the Forum […]