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  • In South Tyrolean schools get milk


    For the first time in the South Tyrolean elementary schools, as well as fruit with "School Fruit", it will now also distribute the milk. In institutions that adhere to the European project "School Milk" it will be released 12 times the organic milk, and after Easter 6 times yogurt and six times hard cheese. Thanks to […]

  • Milk, the EU production rises again


    The good news is that the European milk production to grow back, the less good is that the trend could trigger a slow decline in milk prices stable. To detect it is the investigation of Clal.it, reference portal for the industry: We can not yet speak of - say the analysts Clal alarm -, […]

  • Skip negotiations for the new protocol on the price of milk in Parma


    He cut short the negotiations on the definition of the new Memorandum of Understanding for the pricing of milk for industrial use in the province of Parma between representatives of agricultural organizations, on the one hand, and industrial and artisan manufacturers, on the other. Parma Confagricoltura and Cia-Italian Farmers Confederation of Parma with a joint letter called on the […]

  • Milk, record growth in domestic production


    Rates of record growth for the domestic production of goat and buffalo milk: according to calculations made by Assolatte, over the past 16 years, the quantity obtained in Italy has increased dramatically. For the buffalo milk has gone from 103,860 tons in 2010 to 241,000 tons in 2016, accounting for […]

  • Price of milk supported thanks to the butter that has tripled in value


    Milk prices supported thanks to the butter that has tripled in value The usual summer meeting with members Agriform, cooperative Sommacampagna (Vr), which combines some of the most important cooperative dairies north-eastern Italy (including those from Piacenza Gully Cortemaggiore and S. Victory Chero of Carpaneto, present with the Presidents […]

  • Milk, present and future


    Between 2016 and 2026 the production of milk in the world should increase by 22% compared with the volumes of the period 2014-2016 and the prices in the medium term, should grow due to strong demand. Higher rice production in expected to be 178 million tons. To compare in terms of volume acceleration […]

  • Organic Milk and butter are increasing


    In the last five years the amount of enhanced organic milk has increased: in 2012, the market share has progressed from 5.3% to 5.7% in 2016. Prices, however, they remained virtually stable. The growing demand for organic milk, however, might cause shortages in the industry that produces organic butter. Last year the amount of […]

  • Milk pour money to pigs


    From the bottom of milk, initially planned to give support to the producers of this area, there's now support for pig farmers. The decision comes with the 5185 decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, who brought the pig businesses among subjects who may benefit from these sostegni.I funds are used to cover the interest paid […]

  • Milk made in Italy, how to read labels


    For several weeks, on all dairy products should be mandatory on the label the origin. To establish the decree recently approved and intended to protect Italian products that has long suffered from competition from Eastern Europe: milk transported and worked in Italy whose derivatives are labeled […]