The Phases

Four steps to get a good result

The cab 1 has been completely redesigned and renovated according to the most recent criteria of ergonomics, functionality and low noise. The systems of forced ventilation and heating systems have been greatly improved and prepared for air conditioning. The comfortable arm chair, the great visibility and the logical layout of controls make intuitive and enjoyable to use the machine in full safety. One of the most innovative cabs in the industry: more glass area, group lights enhancement , shock-resistant bars, front glass negative slope for a constant cleaning, visibility and precision with the rear-view camera 2 for a reverse in total security.

1) Program

Setting up the recipe unifeed directly on the board-computer 3 with the possibility of memory card. The accuracy of weighing is guaranteed by sensors located directly to the base of the barrel.

2) Loading

Load of flours through the hopper at the top 4 or directly on the ground with the silage cutter 5; load of trace elements through an elevator with electrical conveyor (optional) 6; loading liquid products using the appropriate system with quick connecting 7; loading of long fibers (hays, banded, straw) with cut of variable length according to the requirements, thanks to the blade cutting mill at high speed 8 9; load of silage in trenches 10 through the new silage cutters redesigned for the respect of their physical- organoleptic characteristics.

3) Mixture

The mixing in a rotating barrel against screw 11 is the exclusive system of Rotomix4 used by Bravo srl that allows to create a soft voluminous and homogeneous ration, while it preserves the organoleptic specifications of each ingredient 12: The best unifeeds mixing on the market today obtained with the least expenditure of energy, without strength of the fibers, demixing or heating of the mass.

New system of capturing the dangerous metals through three batteries of magnets placed inside the barrel 16 directly on the rear wings at 120 ° one from the other. Taking advantage of the repeated "soft" passages and relapse of the unifeed on magnets, starting from the fiber, you get a near-perfect capture of ferrous elements, lethal to animals.

A) the mixture is pushed towards the bottom of the barrel from the system of spirals placed on the inner wall;

B) the central screw, which rotates in the opposite direction of the barrel, reports the compound toward the exit. The simultaneity of the two movements (A B) ensures that the mass moves without ever falling back on itself to compacte. The result is given by a perfectly mixed product 12 in a full respect of the organoleptic characteristics of the individual components.


Once ended the load, is sufficient to reverse the direction of rotation of the barrel to obtain, via auger, a dosed and rapid unloading of the compound directly into feeder 13. Possibility of hydraulic extension of the discharge 14. Several magnets 15 fixed to the feed auger, in addition to the three batteries of internal magnets (optional) 16 catch any ferrous objects even at the time of final discharge.